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2nd synapse [voice | location]
oh fffffff, jesus christ it's a flying monkey
[ while out exploring the edge of the village, Glitch happens upon a hedge maze he'd know anywhere: the expansive, magically protected one outside the royal lands of Finaqua. he gasps and makes for one of the entrances, trailing his hands through the leaves as he walks.

he'll get to the other end of the maze and he'll be back in the O.Z. where he belongs, safe and happy and with his friends, he's sure of it. he can almost hear the sounds of home: the breeze off the lake, the call of the gump in the woods, the trill of jewel doves, the...unnerving coo and chitter of monkey bats.

Glitch turns a corner and freezes, his heart pounding, then slowly looks up to see a half-dozen familiar silhouettes. and one of them is swooping at him-- ]

Oh gods-- MOBATS! [ he takes off at a run, turning corners at random and going deeper into the maze. ] No no no i-i-it's gonna...heeelp!

(ooc: backdated to the 27th! monkey bats (flying monkeys GET IT?) are about the size of spaniels and have I guess about a seven foot wingspan. also claws. kill them at will, Glitch will thank you :D )

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[ give her a sec. she needs to deal with this word first. ]

Mobats! Monkey bats! Bitey...claw-y-- OW get off!

[ liiiittle busy here, Buffster. ]

Monkey. Bats. Bat monkeys. [ and where's the wicked witch of the west? lol. ]

Do you, uhm, need help?

Yes! Exactly! [ and she's melted. again. although debate rages over exactly which ol' witch the one in question was. ]

I I need...to get out of this maze. And shelter! That'd-- OW!

Where? Where is the maze?

Playground! I-it's by the-- oh, hang on, this is familiar. I I...think I...found the way...towards out.

[ talking and running and ducking oh my. [

Colour me on my way!

[ the sound of a door. ]

[ voice | location ] ...I need to step away from the meta text

[ there would have been a reply about how she expected him to colour anything and besides "on my way" is not in the visible spectrum, but as has been established Glitch is busy running.

some arbitrary-but-reasonable flexi-time later, he emerges from the maze and onto the playground, three of the monkey bats still in pursuit. ]

[ and just in time, our plucky blonde heroine hits the scene! oh dear lord those monkey bats are actual monkey bats.

she frowns. ]
I totally should have brought my crossbow.

[ a crossbow would have been really awesome, but now that he has some open ground...Glitch stops and wheels, coattails flying, to face the lead mobat. as it dives in for the mauling, he leaps up in a tornado kick and poof! one less monkey bat. he turns around again, spots Buffy, and dashes over. ]

Hi thank you there's two more we should run some more. [ unless she has a better idea. ]

Run? You want to run? You don't want to -- I don't know -- stand and get rid of them? That one didn't look so...

[ a vicious sound and buffy twists into stance. ] Get behind me.

[ and Glitch totally does not need to be told twice. he darts behind the tiny blond person and is immediately disappointed that she doens't provide much cover. maybe if he explained how dire the situation was some more. ]

They have claws, you know.

...I can handle claws.

[ a brandished blade and some bravado. not so bad, really. ]

[ yes that is better, Glitch is just going to hang back and let her do her thang.

SKREETCH SKREETCH go the monkey bats as first one, then the other dive toward them. ]

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