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my noggin wasn't always this way, you know

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OOC ± Luceti Timeline
on the tip of my zip, middle distance

July 14 - Appear in village, fall in river.
July 19 - Find out how long people can potentially stay in the village, panic.
~July 20 - Relocate from Welcome Center / Under The Bridge to room #6 of Community Housing 2.
July 21 - Try marauding, meet a small bird-child-peron.
July 22 - Crash Dawn's party, glitch at Lina, learn about lip plates.
July 27 - The Finaqua maze appears! It is infested with monkey bats!
July 28-29th - Longcoats. Twice. Get declared Lina's disciple, meet Knuckles. V. tiring.
August 7 - Magpie :|

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