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6th synapse [ voice/action ]
the fuck was that the fuck is this
± Hide it, no one saw!
± Your every fleeting thought is a pearl.
± You will join a club and be elected president. Submit immediately to graft and corruption.
± Breathe less.
[ Glitch stares at the opening page of his journal for some time, then blinks and shakes his head. ]

Is...this...supposed to mean something? Is it for me? I don't think I wanna breathe less.

[ well, whatever it is he doesn't let it interfere with his little project. he's commandeered a table in a not-overly-quiet corner of the library and is piecing together a something from whatever clockwork scraps he's stuffed in his pockets while escaping the demise of the Elizabeth. maybe once he combined it with the deconstructed remains of the TDESPHTL he happened upon in the shop, it'd amount to something. ]

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...'breathe less'? What??

I dunno! I-it's a funny little thing the journal said. I think...are other folks getting weird stuff like that?

Hm....I haven't gotten anything yet, but I've from other people who have.

Oh, that's good. I mean...good that you haven't gotten anything like this. [ pause. ] Any idea what this is all supposed to mead?

Well, it's probably only a matter of time, if it's happening to everyone else.

...I'm not sure, but I don't like the sound of most of them. Corruption doesn't sound like you at all. And...hide what?

B.. breathing less..? [ Madoka sounds a bit concerned. ]

I'm not sure, but that doesn't sound like anything good..

No, it kinda doesn't, but...maybe it;s one of those things that just sounds bad but isn't? [ when in doubt, apply optimism! ]

That could be true.. [ a slight giggle - she wants to believe the optimistic way of thinking about it too, really! ]

Still, breathing is something everyone needs to do..

Breathing less??? That doesnt sound fun

Maybe it means my clothes will breathe less, and be warmer, because it's been so cold out! [ :D? ]

Thatd be so cool!!! I wonder if Japan can invent that [He'll be looking into it.]

[Wow. Don sure has a lot more hours in the day when he doesn't spend all morning training. He decides to spend some of this extra time taking a very leisurely stroll to the library.]

[Once there, the sight of someone tinkering with tech parts catches his attention.]

What are you making?

Oh, it's a--

[ ... ]

Giant turtle.

[ the staring and stating the obvious is thankfully brief, and Glitch blinks, laughs lightly to himself, and shakes his head. ]

S-sorry, that was impolite. Um. It-it's a holographic projector thingy, or it was 'til I started tinkering with it again. [ he sighs. ] I'm sure I can get it back in order again, just need to calibrate the lenses and fire 'er up.

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[Normally Don would react to a comment like that, but today he doesn't seem to notice it.]

[He takes a seat.]
I always wanted a holographic projector thingy.

Maybe you're just breathing too much!! Is it bad for you if you breathe too much?

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