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5th synapse - [location]
five miles in rags uphill in the blasted
[ there's a skinny figure wandering in from the east edge of the village, bundled up in a tattered coat that's doing next to nothing to protect him from the elements. of course, by the way he's is stumbling and weaving it's safe to assume he's been affected by more than just the cold.

the most troubling thing about his condition, perhaps, is that the zipper on his head is open. at the moment Glitch seems more preoccupied with finding shelter than worrying about it. ]

((ooc - Back from mallynapping! Glitch is still a bit drugged and a lot confused, as the Malnosso did a lot of poking through his memories. His more recent memories will come back with prompting.))

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[Terra's out and enjoying the novelty of fresh snowfall, when she spots a familiar figure ahead.]


[Running over immediately.]

[ Glitch looks up blearily and blinks at Terra's approach, taking a few stumbling steps back. ]

I...who...what-- [ all the questiosn, no idea what order to put them in. ]

[Terra doesn't pause until she's at his side, looking him over in concern.]

Glitch, it's me...Terra. I've been worried about you.

[There's a wince as she can't help but notice his unzipped head, but there is a matter slightly more pressing.]

Do you want to go to my house? You can warm up there.

[ Glitch shies away and shakes his head, confused. ]

W-worried? I I don't...know. You. I don't think I know--

[ oh his focus is just not working and everything is tippy, so he folds his arms to try and keep from wobbling. ]

I-is it far?

[Terra automatically reaches out to help steady him.]

No, but...here, take my hand. I can get us there very quick, but I don't want you to fall over.

[ he's still decidedly jumpy but...there's a compulsion to trust her. ]

Okay, that's...thank you. [ and he reaches to take her hand. ] I I don't wanna fall over either.

[At some point, later, Jack Sparrow will be running an errand with Murphy the pony. He is carrying a hunting rifle over his shoulder. There are more supplies to be brought out to Cullen House, and the Shetland pony is carrying a bundle on his back. When he spots Glitch on the road in the village, Sparrow pauses, recognizes him, and waves.]

Oi! Glitch, mate! You look....like you need to eat something. Somethings. Things. Lots of things.

[ Glitch has escaped again, or maybe he's trying to find his way back to the fancy house he sorta remembers, but mostly he'd befuddled and easily spooked. so he'll be giving both pirate and pony a wary glance, although he can't argue with Sparrow's assessment. ]

I I am awful hungry, I didn't...like the food there.

[ wherever "there" was, the details were fuzzy. ]

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[So Jack goes rifling through Murphy's pack as he asks his next question:]

The food "there"? Don't tell me the Malnosso stole you away, lad!

[ Glitch frowns, then his right hand meanders up to tug at a lock of hair. ]

Someone did, I I think. They... [ he's not quite sure where he's going with that, and neither do his fingers as they move from his hair to the zipper's tab. ] I don't remember.

[ maybe he will if he's more open minded. tug tug. ]

....Glitch? There's a zipper on your head. [How has he never actually noticed this before?]

Hm? Oh, yes...that's-- zipperhead, that's what I am. [ there's a little smile with that, like he's pleased to have a label. the tugging gets a little more focused and yep, there's the sound of metal teeth parting. ]

And you're............opening it. [Oh dear Lord. Jack, to his credit, is doing his level best to sound calm and accepting of all this. He's seen a thing or two, after all.]

[That guy was... is- the guy who was dancing weird at that one party. Masaomi blinks when he sees him stumbling, but finds himself drawn to look at his head. And now just because of his hair, something seems off on it, even from this distance. He decides to close said distance so he can see what's up.

Man what was his name?]


[ Coolhair McDancingGuy is totally not evident as Glitch is...yeah, not at his most graceful. trip, flail, stagger, look around. ]


You look out of it.

[...the staggering and all- and now he notices it, that head really looks weird somehow]

[ oh hey, person to focus on, for some value of "focus." ]

I feel out of... [ focus: gone. ] Do you know me?

Ah, we met once... I'm not sure I actually remember your name though.

[What is off on his head. He still can't place it yet]

Oh, well, I'm... [ good question! he tilted his head, and the zipper's tab jangled against his brow. ] Um. I-It'll come to me in a second, I'm sure of it.

[ the slayer is wrapped up against the cold and the snow -- but she sees glitch from a little ways off.

she has yet to notice the...head issue. ]

H-hey! Glitch! [ she hails. ]

[ the head issue is a thing of many horrors. he keeps opening it again, which is completely different from his usual mericiful-gods-it-must-stay-closed-at-all-costs-the-very-idea-is-grotesque feelings on the matter. at least he's acquired a warmer jacket to go over his coat, that's one positive. ]

Oh, um, hello? [ blink blink, frown. ] You look familiar.

Possibly because I am familiar. Or...meant to be. [ then, as she gets closer: ] Oh for the love of all that is not made of horrible, horrible things.


Your head.

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[ he nods, accepting, because yes there is certainly something that triggers something else in his-- ]

My...head? [ cross-eyed looking up and some vague turning around here. ] What's wrong?

It's...[ dear lord there is no other word for it ] open.


[ his expression is one of somewhat anguished disgust before he turns his face away to rectify the situation. he sighs heavily and pats the now-closed zipper before returning his attention to Buffy. ]

I-I'm sorry, I just...I can't help-- [ vague unzipping gesture here. ] --today.

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