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4th synapse / 1st mallynap [accidental video / action]
bad touch
[ Glitch is, as usual, out on a meander. well, less meander and more "epic danceathon," as he's donned Kamaro's Mask and is made of fancy footwork. it was fun at first, but now he's halfway up the path to the farmlands and getting a bit tired and SUDDENLY: drones.

in the ensuing scuffle his journal falls to the ground, opens, and then everyone is treated to a wonky view of the headcase trying to waltz with and/or kick his abductors. finally he is subdued and taken away, leaving behind nothing but the journal, the mask, and a couple stray yellow feathers. ]

ooc: mallynapped! he shall be back in a couple weeks, and I'll be prodding backtags


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