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3rd synapse [video | action]
good morning!, like a loon
[ Glitch has been in Luceti for two months now and in that time he has been to war, sprained his ankle, been a bit traumatized by all that, and spent a few weeks more or less hiding.

this has caused a bit of a relapse into feral-headcase behavior, such as forgetting he has a nice cozy (lonely) apartment and winding up sleeping under a bridge. after waking up for the third day in a row damp, cold, and with a crick in his neck, he concludes that he might need some sort of supervision. or something.

so he perches on the edge of the fountain and opens his journal. ]

Hello everyone! A-and, um, especially you New Feathery folks...I I I guess this means I'm not one of you anymore. [ a pause and frown as he considers this, then a deeper frown as he tries to remember what he was on about. ] Oh! Right, my name's Glitch a-and I was just wondering if anybody'd want a roommate, or apartment-mate. Namely me.

[ sheepish smile goes here. ] I I know it's a little forward and-- I can talk a lot and I'm not so great at remembering things, b-but I'm not messy and I don't think I throw wild parties or anything like that. So. Um. Anybody want a roommate?

( ooc: yep, one middle-aged headcase, free to a good home. if it looks like there are multiple viable candidates I will hit a random number generator to pick one. contacting him just to say hello is also an option! )

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Oh. You're not still living at the Welcome Centre, are you? Because I was doing that for oh-so-long until Kurt rescued me. He's practically a hero, you know. I do hope you find a place to live. Being alone and homeless is such a cause for despair.

Oh, I've got a home, I just don't always remember to get back to it. I I think I've just got more of the...lonely-despairy thing going on.

[ the reassuring smile he'd been wearing vanished and he blinked, startled at having confessed that last bit. ]

If you are so lonely, I could suppose offer a visit. As well as some pie.

[ anne don't go visit strangers. ]

That would be very kind of you, b-b-ut I don't wanna be an both or...what sort of pie?

[ Glitch stop soliciting baked goods from young girls. ]

Apple. You see, I've made a few too many...

...and and apple is my favorite, ever. S-so if you've got one or some of one to spare, I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands.

Thank you for your greeting, mister.

Are you living alone currently?

You're welcome!

And yeah, all on my lonesome. I just sort of picked a place and stuck with it.

I see. You have not been as long here as most people I have talked to so far. My name is Liu Bei. May I ask for your name?

Nice to meet you, I'm Glitch and no, I've only been here a few we couple months. So you've only just arrived, I take it?

Nice to meet you as well. That is correct.

Have you settled in all right?

You seriously just asked?? You have to know someone for at least ten years before you ask that

Or buy them a dog or something

Ten years? But I don't know if I'll be here that long and I certainly wouldn't want to be on my own that long.

So then buy them a dog or something!!

Would that really help? Do they even sell dogs here?

[ information! he. must. have. it. ]

I dont know

Ask the Malnosso?? they got me a pony and a fish once

That was very nice of them, I didn't know they did nice things.

They dont!! But they got me my pony randomly? And the fish for Christmas. It came out of a statue

This place keeps getting weirder but okay, I'll ask them. How do you ask them for things?

I dont know

[Sorry, Glitch. Poland's useless.]

That's all right, at least now I'll know to look out for that kind of thing. I just hope I remember it.

[ actually he's been quite helpful! or maybe Glitch is just that optimistic. ]

[Poland being helpful? That's a new development! Maybe Glitch is just optimistic.]

Write it down??

[ optimism forever. ]

I will, I've got another notebook I write stuff in, it's handy for things like this.

[Poland can get behind that.]

It really is!!! Sometimes I have to write down stuff or people get grouchy

[ kindred note takers! ]

Grouchy because you forget things? That happens to me too.

Ya I forget Liet's birthday or if he has to do something and he gets irritated?

Remembering a whole bunch of things is hard!

[Lizzie... Hasn't been back from her mallynap for long, but as she's looking at the journals to see what she has missed, she finds... This. Having offered place in the manor weeks ago she can't stop herself.

She sets it for voice only, though, as... There's a small problem with video in her case.]

You can stay with me, Mister Glitch! The manor is decently big and I'm sure Miss Grell won't mind it either!!

[ ....oh dear. But how can he refuse that youthful-sounding enthusiasm? ]

The manor? Oh that sounds very fine, thank you. Um. A-are you sure it would be all right with Miss...Grell? I-I'd hate to impose.

[Lizzie giggles a bit.]

It's not really as big as a manor but it's one of the largest houses of the village and its design is distinctive enough to be worth to be called a manor. It's just Miss Grell and myself living here so we have plenty of space. I'm sure it won't be any problem, in fact I offered rooms several weeks ago but no one was interested at the time.

[She only has one limit regarding offering rooms, there must be two empty rooms left at every moment, Ciel's and Sebastian's room. But she has those two rooms locked and keeps the keys herself so it's not really a problem.]

[ Glitch used to live in a palace, even if he doesn't remember it, so he's just latching right onto the whole "manor" concept. ]

That's a shame, I'm sorry that you're all by yourselves over there. Um, I I guess I could come by and at least look at the place, if that would be all right?

[ not committed yet, but certainly tempted. ]

Of course it would! Though I have to excuse myself in advance, I'm afraid the manor isn't at a perfect standard. It's certainly not a mess or anything bad but it could be better.

[Specially if Sebastian was around, the two of them manage to keep the place nicely and for many it would look perfect but when one has seen what that butler did... This perfection means nothing.]

But, please, feel free to come and check the manor whenever you wish. At the very least it will be nice to have a visitor!

I-I'm sure it'll be more than acceptable, Miss.

[ manners! flattery! reassurance! Glitch is goo at these thigns, yes. ]

And and I would be honored to be a guest, though...I haven't done that in a long time. Um. Hope I remember my etiquette right.

[Lizzie giggles politely at that.]

Oh, don't worry, Mister Glitch! I'm sure your etiquette won't be a problem.

In fact, where did my manners go? Look at me, talking happily without introducing myself properly. I hope I haven't given you a bad impression, allow me to correct it. My name's Elizabeth Middleford, it's a pleasure to make you an acquaintance and I'll be the one honored if you decide to delight us with your company.

And I'm delighted to meet you, Miss Middleford.

[ that clarity came from some deeply-buried instinct. ]

Would now be a good time? I-I'm not being pushy, I just...it's just I-I'm likely to forget if it goes too long.

Now? If you wish so, I see no inconvenient.

[Well, there's one inconvenient, she's invisible, but maybe she can get Grell to help with guiding Glitch and show him around. It would be difficult for her to do so if he can't see where she's going.]

It's house number 11, right besides the first community building. It's quite distinctive in appearance so I'm sure you'll spot it right away. But if you would like, I could request Miss Grell to go and meet you to lead you here.

[ and glitch is going to mutter to himself for a moment to try and committ these directions to memory. ]

House 11...first community building...distinctive...I I think I've got it b-but you might want Miss Grell to keep an eye out for a lost zipperhead, just in case. I'm at the fountain now, so I shouldn't be too long.

Okay, I'll let her know. I'll be on the journal as well, so if you think you've got lost maybe we can discover where you are if you tell me.

I'm not sure I can offer a room. [Because... middle-aged man rooming with teenage girl just doesn't seem right to her. Her dad would flip if that went down.] But I can offer some time here and again, if you need it.

[ nope, doesn't seem right to him either. still! ]

That's very kind of you still, thank you. It's nice to know folks here want to help people out.

[At least they agree.] I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Thanks, I-I'll try and remember that, um...what was your name again?

I'm Alexis. And don't worry. I'll remind you, if I have to.

You'll probably have to, I-I've got a memory like a...a thing with lots of holes in it.

[ chuckling! yes, because his condition is just that hilarious. ]

[You get a smile, Glitch. You're cute, in a weird way.] A sieve. A memory like a sieve.

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