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2nd synapse [voice | location]
oh fffffff, jesus christ it's a flying monkey
[ while out exploring the edge of the village, Glitch happens upon a hedge maze he'd know anywhere: the expansive, magically protected one outside the royal lands of Finaqua. he gasps and makes for one of the entrances, trailing his hands through the leaves as he walks.

he'll get to the other end of the maze and he'll be back in the O.Z. where he belongs, safe and happy and with his friends, he's sure of it. he can almost hear the sounds of home: the breeze off the lake, the call of the gump in the woods, the trill of jewel doves, the...unnerving coo and chitter of monkey bats.

Glitch turns a corner and freezes, his heart pounding, then slowly looks up to see a half-dozen familiar silhouettes. and one of them is swooping at him-- ]

Oh gods-- MOBATS! [ he takes off at a run, turning corners at random and going deeper into the maze. ] No no no i-i-it's gonna...heeelp!

(ooc: backdated to the 27th! monkey bats (flying monkeys GET IT?) are about the size of spaniels and have I guess about a seven foot wingspan. also claws. kill them at will, Glitch will thank you :D )

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That's a maze, meow? It's really complicated.

[Hence why she opted just for jumping everywhere.]

[ now that's just cheating. ]

Being complicated's kinda the idea, s-so folks get lost when they're trying to find the palace. [ pause some more, and also blink. unexpected memory-trivia is unexpected. ] I I think.

Palace? Where's that?

[Why there would be a maze so people could get lost is beyond her.]

Oh, that's in my world too. I I thought maybe...if I got through the maze then maybe I'd get back.

[ he peers around the next corner, as if the palace might be right there. ]

...This is gonna be hard to get through, meow.

[Mostly because she's not good at thinking.]

Nah. Well, maybe. I mean I I think I can find the way out, I should know it.

[ why yes that is supposed to be encouraging, as is his sudden decisive point to the opposite path from the one he just looked down. ]

[The sad thing is that he's probably more competent at this than she is.]

Lead the way, meow!

[ or he can at least look the part. Glitch gives a single firm nod, smiles, and starts down the path. ]

M'name's Glitch, by the way. It's...um...interesting to meet you. [ yes, let's go with interesting ]

Tao is Taokaka. Nice to meet you too, Zipper Guy!

[Nickname: given. There is no escape.]

[ were Glitch not overly grateful to Tao for saving his life (well, close enough) he'd have protested the nickname. as it was he just...pouted briefly and continued down the path. ]

Tao. I-I'll try and remember that. I've been meeting so many folks since I got here, I dunno how I'll keep them all straight. [ self-deprecating chuckle! ]

Uh-huh! There's so many people and humans and stuff here!

And things and-- [ oh dear, an intersection. Glitch looks left, right, left, riiiiight and left it is. ] I haven't talked to this many people in a long, long time. I-it's been a busy...however long it's been.

[Following him.]

Yep! You don't remember how long you've been here, meow?

It hasn't been too long, folks've been calling me a-- [ air quotes ] --'new feather.'

A Mew Feather? That probably means you've been here for a few weeks or something, meow.

[ Glitch glanced back and nodded, slooowly accepting all the cat idiosyncrasies. ]

Right. It hasn't been long but it's been a while, I-I've already figured out that I'm not supposed to be a pirate.

How come you thought you were a pirate in the first place?

Well, when I first got here someting called a pirate talked to me through the journal, and and said they were my conscience and tried to teach me about marauding. [ he grins, pleased with himself for having remembered that. ] B-but Lina told me it wasn't a good idea so...I don't hide under the bridge and ask people for valuables anymore.

[She'd be pleased with herself for retaining information that long too.]

Pirates sound weird, meow.

oh hey, ability to tag, where've YOU been /sob

They are, I think, and and they kinda talk funny. At least the one I talked to did-- oh, hey!

[ and magnificently, around the next corner is the exit onto the playground. Glitch gestures grandly and grins. tada! ]

maybe under the bed; it likes to do that


Good going, Zipper Guy!

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