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2nd synapse [voice | location]
oh fffffff, jesus christ it's a flying monkey
[ while out exploring the edge of the village, Glitch happens upon a hedge maze he'd know anywhere: the expansive, magically protected one outside the royal lands of Finaqua. he gasps and makes for one of the entrances, trailing his hands through the leaves as he walks.

he'll get to the other end of the maze and he'll be back in the O.Z. where he belongs, safe and happy and with his friends, he's sure of it. he can almost hear the sounds of home: the breeze off the lake, the call of the gump in the woods, the trill of jewel doves, the...unnerving coo and chitter of monkey bats.

Glitch turns a corner and freezes, his heart pounding, then slowly looks up to see a half-dozen familiar silhouettes. and one of them is swooping at him-- ]

Oh gods-- MOBATS! [ he takes off at a run, turning corners at random and going deeper into the maze. ] No no no i-i-it's gonna...heeelp!

(ooc: backdated to the 27th! monkey bats (flying monkeys GET IT?) are about the size of spaniels and have I guess about a seven foot wingspan. also claws. kill them at will, Glitch will thank you :D )

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[Rydia doesn't know what world the hedge maze comes from, and she really doesn't care. The summoner, already annoyed, sees the perfect opportunity to vent her frustrations upon spotting those flying creatures. Careful not to aim at the man running toward her, she sends a powerful blast of fire in their direction.]

[ still Glitch dodges out of the way, pressing his back to the hedge wall and watching as the fire makes two of the mobats vanish. he blinks, then gawps at Rydia. ]

Oh, thank you, that was...wow that was neat.

Get back!

[Rydia doesn't trust the rest to just scatter, not quite being certain what these things are or how they behave. So, she's readying another blast for if they come in range.]

[ Glitch takes that to mean back behind her, which seems sensible because a) that was really effective and b) precautions or not he wants to be no where near the line of...fire-fire.

the other mobats, displaying some degree of intelligence, warily circle up higher. Glitch and Rydia should be safe for the moment, so he's free to repeat himself. ]

Wow that was neat. Couldn't've happened t-to nastier beasties.

[After probably having gotten lost in the maze once or twice (much more than twice), Tao decides to forsake any thinking and do what she does best: beat stuff up. She pounces on one out of nowhere, gives it a swipe, and slashes in wide arcs to get a few more.]

[ oh dear various gods what is this. Glitch rounds a corner, STARES for a moment, then with a startled cry dives at the ground and covers his head in hopes of protecting himself. you know, in case he's next. ]

[She faces Glitch now.]

Are you okay, meow?

[ and Glitch peers up at her. and peers some more, trying to discern a face. not seeing one is disturbing, but...well, she'd asked after his welfare and rather impressively taken out his tormentors, so...yeah. ]

Meow? [ no, not what he'd meant to say. he lowers his hands and sits back on his haunches. ] I I I mean yes, I'm okay. Thank you?

You're welcome! What were those things?

[She just moves her tail back and forth.]

[ tail. right. gingerly he clambers to his feet and pats his head to make sure the zipper's okay. ]

Monkey bats. I...thought they were just in my world, never thought I'd see 'em here. [ pause ] B-but then I never though I'd see the maze here either.

That's a maze, meow? It's really complicated.

[Hence why she opted just for jumping everywhere.]

(Deleted comment)
Oof! [ and Glitch goes with his momentum and crashes into a hedge wall, then bounces off it and goes into a defensive posture to face the new-- not-threat. who'd just tackled one of the evil beasties.

so much awed and terrified staring for you, Angel.]

(Deleted comment)
[ the awed-and-terrified staring remained during the mobat's execution, replaced by a slightly affronted pout before Glitch catches on...right, mobats, ugly. single firm nod of agreement. ]

I I think so, I... [ Glitch rubs his nose which was lightly sratched by the hedge, then studies his hands which are also lightly scratched from defending his poor head, then tugs his dilapitated coat back into what he assumes is presentability. ]

Yes, I'm alright. Thank you very much for...snapping that thing's neck like that.

(Deleted comment)
[ Glitch had also been adapting to Luceti, after a fashion. it was fantastical in ways very different from his home, but so far everyone he'd met had been helpful - well, maybe not the pirate-conscience - so he'd try and help in return. ]

Monkey bat. They belong to the sorceress, and they spy for her and and-- [ here, have Glitch doing a Gaga-esque monster claw at you. ] Like that.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

[ give her a sec. she needs to deal with this word first. ]

Mobats! Monkey bats! Bitey...claw-y-- OW get off!

[ liiiittle busy here, Buffster. ]

Monkey. Bats. Bat monkeys. [ and where's the wicked witch of the west? lol. ]

Do you, uhm, need help?

Yes! Exactly! [ and she's melted. again. although debate rages over exactly which ol' witch the one in question was. ]

I I need...to get out of this maze. And shelter! That'd-- OW!

Where? Where is the maze?

Playground! I-it's by the-- oh, hang on, this is familiar. I I...think I...found the way...towards out.

[ talking and running and ducking oh my. [

Colour me on my way!

[ the sound of a door. ]

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