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1st synapse [voice | action]
a spot of bother
[sometime after the suns had come out again, Glitch had returned to the brain room, placed his hand on the glass tank holding his other (better?) half, and then curled up at the base of the pedestal to sleep the sleep of...someone who hadn't slept well in a very long time.

when he awoke, he was elsewhere. namely under a bridge near the clinic in Luceti. whoops. ]

Huh...what? I-- ow! [ some confused rustling, then: ] Okay, I I definitely don't remember those. Um. H-hello? DG? Raw? Cain? I'm...AAH!

[ and the inevitable splash as he tumbles into the river. nicely done, headcase. ]

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[Terra's walking in the opposite direction when that splash makes her take notice. She whirls around, eyes widening.]


[Time to dart over and so she does.]

[ and if Terra looked over the side she'd see a somewhat sodden shirtless fella with white pants and bedraggled dark golden-yellow wings hauling himself up on the bank. and grousing. ]

Eugh! That...that's no way to wake up.


Hey, are you hurt? Do you need healing?

N-no, I'm fine, I just... [an upward glance and some squinting to try and figure out who he's talking to. ] Woke up a little loster than usual. I I think.

[Terra moves in closer, a little shy but still concerned.]

That's not an uncommon experience, here. This village is called Luceti, and the Malnosso bring in new people pretty often. They never explain anything, so it's up to those of us still here to do that.

[Must be a New Feather. There's the splash and all.]

Oi! Hallo? Just...just climb right out of the river, there's a good chap.

Yes, I I figured that, thank you. [ aaaaand now to realize he's hearing a voice from nowhere. ] Wait. Who said that?

Pirate. The pirate said that. The question is, who heard that?

Oh. [ ...note to self: find out what a pirate is. ] I did. The um...Glitch. The headcase. Hello?

[ buffy is walking on that bridge and...okay, that was an odd noise. plus there was some talking and now she's leaning over the rail. ]

Anybody, uhm, there?

Yes. [ said decisively if miserably. there's a little man huddled on the river bank, peering upward with intense confusion. ] I dunno how I got here, but...yes.

...Well, we can get to the how in a moment. But for the time being -- would you like a hand?

[ he hesitates a moment, glances around, then gives her a single firm nod. ]

I probably need it. Don't wanna end up back in the water, y'know. [ that's followed by a quick, bemused chuckle. ]

[...yikes, what a splash. Lina, who had just finished crossing the bridge on her way back into town, spins around, her cape billowing behind her. What a splash. Way too big to be a fish.]

...helloooooo? [She steps back onto the bridge, surveying the river below.] Anybody there?

Here! [ the voice belongs to a man who is now crawling out of the water. ] Just...this very clumsy person, here.

[Hello, man crawling out of the water. Lina races over to the other bank, easily leaps across it, and lands in front of Glitch just as he finishes pulling himself onto dry land.] Geez, bad enough they have to drop you here in those stupid pants, but dropping you in the river? The Malnosso are jerks.

At leas you're nice and clean. [She offers Glitch a hand up.]

[ ...okay that was impressive. Glitch gawped and blinked, then took her hand and clambered gracelessly to his feet. ]

To be fair I I...kinda dropped myself in the river. But thanks anyway. Um. What's a Malnosso?

Whoa, hey! Don't touch the wings, okay?

...okay? I-I'll try not to but it's kinda hard when-- well, they're touching me!

[ frustration! overly literal-ness! confusion! wharrgarbl! ]

They'll be sore for a little bit, but I promise you get used to them. You just-- tugging on the feathers? Bad idea. Bad idea.

No tugging on feathers, right, just like no tug-- hey, who is this?

[Gem had been near the water, studying it. You have to understand, the ocean...the water in the Grid is so different--it's electric, pure energy. Beautiful, always pulsing.

This water is so boring. She wonders really what the point is.

She sees the man tumble into the river, and walks over, tilting her head slightly at him]

Why did you do that?

Why? I-- [ he looks around for the source of the voice, then blinks when he spots Gem ] I I didn't mean to, it just...kinda happened. L-like gravity.

[Gem is a unique creature. In that under her skin faint circuits trace, curving and swirling. They pulse, almost as if blood pumped through veins. But Gem has no heart. At least literally.

She gets closer to the water and puts a hand out to help.]

Gravity isn't always a sure thing. You must be more careful.

[ and once he gets a good, non-confused look at her his eyes widen in fascination. that's just...really cool and unsettling and nifty.

Glitch accepts the hand up and nods, smiling.]

I-I'll try, thank you. Ah. I think I've gotten kinda lost.

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