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Touch base, plot, spam, whatever, let's go ♥

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I have plotty thoughts! (Running away is a valid option ...)

I've been contemplating two very different glitches for DG. One is entirely the fault of rewatching The Wizard of Oz after finding Judy Garland's hand prints outside the Chinese Theatre. (She was even tinier than I expected!) That would basically involve DG temporarily becoming - physically or mentally or both - her ancestor, the original Dorothy Gale. Gingham is not optional.

The second is a lot less cracky. Once upon a time, when Keri and I were feeling particularly evil, DG was possessed by a certain witch. The Northern Island was replaced by the Witch's tower. There were flying monkeys and dead Extras and it was both awesome and traumatic. This time, I was thinking something a bit subtler (if no less traumatic in the long run). The Witch could be aware of what was going on, but would pretend to be DG and keep people in the dark for as long as possible to cause maximum horrors.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Cookies? (I really want cookies!)

Edited at 2011-08-16 10:36 am (UTC)

ALL THE COOKIES. Also oh God, Em, it has been...a week. A week of stuff and things and modly stress, sorry I haven't gotten back to this sooner. Both ideas have merit!

1. Gingham is always required I like this! It's a little light, charming thing which can be deployed when we need something like that.

2. ...shocking no one I like this too! Subtle horrors are the best kind, and there can be long term ramifications and shake-ups. It would require a lot of planning though and, given stuff we may have coming down the pike, some careful timing.

...this was basically an endorsement, hi.

A week is nothing, in real life or in Taxon time.

1. My thoughts exactly! Sweet and cracking and adorable, for whenever we need light relief from alien shenanigans.

2. What, really? Who'd have thought it? :P
(I wasn't intending for it to be soon. It was just something I wanted to suggest to see how people were feeling about it.)


It is the most beautiful and random piece of crack in the world.

Okay, so, update time is here, Emma.

July was a busy month for Cain, following June, which played a pretty pivotal role in his road to recovery. But. July.

In short: After being plagued by mirror images showing himself in less than appealing mirages, and reflective surfaces that kept reminding him of what he really wants/lacks in life, Cain was at his last straw at the end of the month. He bitched about it with a close friend, Paul, and one thing led to another led to him fessing up to the fact Smecker's one of a very select few Cain's felt attracted to since coming to Taxon eight months prior. Turns out Paul didn't mind - at all - and as a result, they started trying to figure things out. How to go from being friends to being friends who might one day develop deeper feelings for one another. This has mostly been happening in IM logs, since I for one am a lazy woman, and I normally can't brain when Dien's usually online late at night. But imho, they're just adorkable and keep surprising each other with various cultural tokens of asynchronicity.

Despite cautioning Paul to smack him upside the head if he ever started running ahead of things, Cain's started to realize he really likes Paul. Despite himself and his lingering guilt and issues and everything. It's nice having someone you click with. It's more than nice.

While the pause glitch screwed with his perceptions of things, now he's back on track and everything makes sense again. And aside from the wacky wintertime weather cropping up this month, he's been slowly picking himself up, piece by piece (with a bit of help). The past few weeks of people disappearing is already getting him worried, though, so maybe everything isn't right as rain.

Guess who will be completely heartbroken when Paul's gone? From one day to the next, no warning?

Awwwh, Cain. I just want to hug him. Even though I know that is the last thing in the world that he would actually want. DG will definitely be there for him when Paul vanishes. Whether he actually wants it or not.

(And damn that taking place in IM. I would stalk those threads. So very much.)

Hugs might be a good thing, actually. A LOT of stuff has started changing the past two months. His aversion to physical proximity is one such thing. It's the being vulnerable bit that's tricky and makes him jittery and snappish. >:3

Hey, I can put together a log for your perusal if you want. <3 no worries

There's no rush, of course, but that would be nifty! ^_^

Soooo, since Dien has decided to stay on, I'd just like to nix the Major Angst Plot I detailed above. I'm sure I'll find some other time and context to send Cain back into ptsd and depression and so on and so forth. Because I'm evil and always looking for excuses to torture my pups.

ANYWAYS. No angst, you ask? But then what?

Well. A perhaps-surprisingly mellowed out Cain. Something is obviously wrong!

Talk amongst yourselves.

Of course, with this sort of thing, the two people who's at all likely to think anything is different are Deej and Glitch. But on the whole... I think the trend of the past month or two of Cain trying to actually get to know people will continue along the same path. Networking is a Good Thing, especially in a situation where you're in control of even less factors than back home. Rolling with the punches, sort of. Team efforts!

Edited at 2011-08-22 05:52 pm (UTC)

Fair enough. And yay! I can't wait to see mellowed out Cain and do some stalking and play DG trying to work out what had happened.

Well, she's been gone three weeks-a month, and the Talking Thing happened little over a month ago. So if anyone's likely to notice, it's really DG.

Going from reclusive and grouchy to outright extrovert-by-comparison? Yyyeah. For other people, it wouldn't be too big a change as it's happened gradually. But DG hasn't been around for most of it.

Being able to sleep? Makes it a lot easier trying not to go insane. And oh! Cain's started eating regularly too thanks to Paul and Glitch both.

The fact that she knew him well (relatively well, by the standards of Cain-ness) will help there as well.

Good! And what better way to celebrate not going insane than with apple pie?

She trekked through a quadrant of the O.Z with him for a week. She knows him. :P

I certainly can't think of a better one. It could be masked as a yay! DG's back sort of get-together?

I started a tag on the post in themoosebox but my eye have gone all itchy-tired and I'm leaving work soon. I will get it up tonight though, and tagging order will go Glitch - DG - Cain with whatever skipping might end up being neccesary. Sound good?

Edited at 2011-08-24 08:15 pm (UTC)

re: bringing Glitch back

As I IMed Sof and plurked Emma, I'm not going to be bringing Glitch back until there's some sort of coordination on getting him out of the hole and the run-up to that. I'd rather not be involved in the planning beyond logistics, as...well, I'd just like to play through something without having to puppeteer it too.

- it's a hole in the ground, or more of a crack, big enough for your average-sized headcase to fall into. It's about forty feet deep and widens to a cozy...mine-shaft size as you go down. It's dark and cold and Glitch's twitchyness at dark, cold, cramped places will kick in.
- My post will be a somewhat hilarious "So yeah, don't know if it's happened to anyone else but it looks like dreams are coming true when you wake up. Great. Um. Little help here?"

That's pretty much it. I will help with details but who fetches who and how and reactions and all of that is up to you guys and whoever else you drag in. PM, IM, email, use this post, whichever, go forth and coordinate :D!

Edited at 2011-12-14 12:36 am (UTC)

Re: bringing Glitch back

I know Mick will be the first one to volunteer to help, because he feels rotten and seriously seriously wants to befriend people, not alienate them.

Cain will ignore his achy feet and brave the blasted horrible weather, because Glitch can't stay out there too long or he'll freeze too and where would that leave him?


If no one else volunteers, he'll be going down there with harness or something (frostbite be damned!), make sure Glitch gets out of there. Top priorities and whatnot.

As I'm sure everyone can guess, DG will launch herself into the rescue attempt without a second thought. And Martha can be around for health and safety reasons. (Although she's a medical type and not necessarily that trusted / known to the Tin Man people, so Helen might be better.)

It would probably be in the best interests of everyone if Drusilla stayed out of the way. But she can keep Glitch company and chat to him about death while everyone else organises the rescue?

On the one hand, I'd love to see more players involved, but on the other hand that might necessitate us just throwing in one of our characters.

We love Glitch both OOC and IC, but so do other people. :3 And I know if I were to pick, Cain wouldn't let the vamp anywhere near a rescue op - whether he's repentant or not.

Maybe we should post this to the OOC comm, see if we get any hands up in the air?

Yeah I totally lied about keeping my nose out, apparently.

He's going to be (relatively) okay, all he'll need (short-term) and snuggles and a hot toddy, no need to call in a full cavalry. If you wanna toss up a planning post, that's fine, but I'm running on the assumptionn that folks'll tag in if they want to.

/gets out again

Fair enough.

So, Emma. Whaddaya say? If Cain helps lower DG into the hole, she could...teleport them both out of there?

Pasting from below thread in case you haven't seen it

Fair enough.

So, Emma. Whaddaya say? If Cain helps lower DG into the hole, she could...teleport them both out of there?

And an addition, for the sake of additions: If you have any alternative suggestions, just lemme know. Glitch is stuck in a hole with the bottom covered in ashes (not good), and I'm not sure you could fit two people through the crack on ground level. Sooo. Either we get inventive, or straightforward. :3

When will you be available for rp next?

DG and Cain could always skip contacting the city and head off to the rescue themselves, because they don't want to waste time and / or leave Glitch down the hole for any longer than necessary?

That works for me. With the added drama of DG worrying if she can pull something like that off with her magic.

As for being available, my last exam is on the 21st. So after that, basically. Although incredibly slow and faily before that is (maybe) an option. Statistics make me want to cry.

Statistics make all sane people cry. Also, accounting. The bane of all sanity, those two concepts, imho.

I'll leave it up to you whether we start this before or after your exam, as all I have on my shoulders right now is politics and classes. My exams are in January, joy of joys, ruined holidays forever. But anyhoo. I'm a slowpoke too, so I wouldn't mind slow-times if we pick up the pace when you're available.

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